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5 STARS!!!

I love this shampoo. It is perfect for locs! It goes in easy and rinses out very easy, which is what i find different from other shampoos. My husband has skin and scalp issues and this is the best shampoo I've come across for him. I recommend this for everyone with locs!!!

Taneesha J

Keeps locs hydrated..

Bought from my loctician. I use once a week. This product helps with itch scalp and keeps my hair hydrated. I workout daily so it’s my go to product.



I love the fragrance and the smell lasts an entire day. I have received so many compliments on my "perfume." I am ordering another bottle of it and trying the other scents.

Nicole C.


I bought this from my loctician when I started my locs. This was the only thing that worked for my itchy scalp. This is my go to and my locs just love it, they are healthy and flourishing. Do yourself a favor and buy.

Los Angeles, CA


I am in LOVE with the Loc Hat! The material is stretchy and most important BREATHABLE! I am an active woman past 50. I wear this sometimes when working out and as a protective cover at night. It keeps debris out of my locs while allowing cool air to flow through my scalp. Additionally, the material is gentle around your edges. I’ve worn other loc soc type head coverings in the past, and almost all of them were either too tight around my edges or too loose and would come off while sleeping! My only suggestion/request would be to make more in other colors and make some for longer lengths. My hair is about 13-14inches long. I would love a longer length.



I literally just received this in the mail and I just sprayed my locs and massaged my scalp. The smell is amazing with no sticky feeling like I get with the thousand other sprays I’ve bought, used and put to the side, and my locs look great. I will have to wait about 2 weeks before I recommend this product to my friends and family. So far so good. Thanks!

Vanessa G.

Our Lovely Products


Just shake well and use everyday, or as needed, to moisturize your hair or just to keep it smelling good. Loc Consultants can use during retightenings or after as a finishing spray.

Our products are formulated for SisterLocks™, Interlocks, traditional Locs, or any natural hair style.

Each fragrance is unlike anything on the market as they are all blend fragrances. Lovely Day has a Floral twist, Lovely Breeze has a Citrus twist, Lovely Rain has a Mint twist, and Lovely Night has a Woody twist to it. In formulation, we wanted to ensure each scent was unique. We also have the sample pack, if unsure of which scent to choose.

Yes. One of the active ingredients in our shampoo is Apple Cider Vinegar. While it provides amazing benefits when used in hair, it will cause hair color to slightly bleed.

We spare no expense in providing the highest quality ingredients in all of our products, from the essential oils in our hair mists, to our 100% pure rosewater hydrosol. Our hair oil contains more than 20 carrier oils and extracts. Alone, those oils and extracts surpass $100 in cost.