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Inspired on the belief that we are all lovely by nature, The Brand Lovely’s mission is to provide products and services that support advocates who promote the natural beauty of all. Our goal is to empower small business owners, who specialize in promoting natural lifestyles, by offering additional revenue opportunities as they continue to grow their business and serve the growing community. The Brand Lovely is more than hair products. We are a Brand, determined to represent the community that, for so long, has been restricted in displaying their true beauty.  We believe you are beautiful as intended and you do not have to conform to the majority to fit in. Love yourself, as you were created.


           *****Cosmetics Safety and Allergy Guidelines Legal Disclaimer*****

 At The Brand Lovely, our goal is to provide gentle, healthy and non-irritating products for the hair. However, please read the following disclaimer:

Content on our website is provided for general informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice. Product information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Brand Lovely products are made with naturally derived ingredients, which in rare cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. Any products purchased through our website should be used as directed on the product container or packaging. As everyone has different skin, body and health conditions which may react to an allergen at any given time, any product could cause a negative skin reaction or react differently to various treatments, even natural products. Actual results may vary. We are not responsible if such a reaction should occur as a result of any consumer using our products. If you develop a skin or other sensitivity to any product, you should stop using it immediately and consult your physician. Remember, you should never use new products on broken or irritated skin and discontinue using any product that causes any of the following: redness, scaling, itching, burning, soreness, blisters, watery eyes, irritation or other similar reactions.The Brand Lovely is not liable for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. Remember to read our labels and ingredient lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions. You should test the products first, on a small area before using any new product for the first time. Should you develop any symptoms or allergic reactions, discontinue use immediately. We are not responsible if such a reaction should occur as a result of any consumer using our products. In the case of pregnancy please consult with your health care professional. All products are for external use only. The Brand Lovely accepts no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using one of its products.

Comments and feedback about product effectiveness are based on customer, staff and family opinions and should not be substituted for medical care. You should not rely solely on the information contained in this website as it does not purport to be comprehensive or specific to your personal needs or requirements.

This disclaimer does not seek to exclude any warranties implied by law which may not lawfully be excluded.

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 Although every effort has been taken to ensure that information published on this site is correct and up to date, The Brand Lovely cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information presented, and accepts no liability in respect of any omission or error. The customer should always take full responsibility for their choices to satisfy themselves as to the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended external application.