An Detailed Breakdown of The Brand Lovely Affiliate Program - There is Money to be Made!

Take your commissions to the next level by Building a Team of Loc Advocates!

Here is a detailed breakdown of earning possibilities through our referral program:


25% commission for all referrals directly from you (1st Level)


12.5% commission from all team members you directly invited (2nd Level)


6% commission from all team members invited by 2nd level team members (3rd Level)


3% commissions from all team members invited by 3rd Level team members (4th Level)


The income opportunity is awesome! Earning income while you sleep!


Here is an example of a team you built. You invited Michelle, Michelle invited Victor, and Victor invited David. David brings in the referral order of $100 in sales:


Partner David

$25.00 - Brings referral order, commission 25.00% of $100.00 (program commission)


Partner Victor

$12.50 - Level 1 commission 12.5% of $100.00


Partner Michelle

$6.00 - Level 2 commission 6% of $100.00


This is You

$3.00 - Level 3 commission 3% of $100.00


In this example, you earned 3% commission from someone you had no direct contact with. Earning income while you sleep!

In addition, we create each affiliate an affiliate badge with your custom 15% off coupon code to post and share everywhere with everyone!

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