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Have we got news for you! First off, thank you for being an affiliate of The Brand Lovely. Your referrals have contributed to our growth, and we are grateful. Because of that growth, we have decided to revise our current affiliate program, for the better! We want to give you MORE for your efforts, so we are RAISING the commission payout and now offering the opportunity to build your own referral team, in which you will now received shared commissions from them. Here are the details:

Today, in your Affiliate Dashboard  https://af.uppromote.com/thebrandlovely/login  you now have a 15% off coupon code. Use it to invite potential team affiliates to try The Brand Lovely products. You will receive 25% commission on those referral sales. If your potential team affiliates enjoy our products, invite them to join your team using the Network Link provided in your Affiliate Dashboard. Those affiliates will now enjoy the same opportunity as you, to build their own team, and share earned commissions with you.

Here is the New Payout Breakdown and the 4 Levels in which you will receive earned income:

25% commission for all referrals directly from you (1st Level)

12.5% commission from referrals of all team members you directly invited (2nd Level)

 6% commission from referrals of all team members invited by 2nd level team members (3rd Level)

 3% commissions from all team members invited by 3rd Level team members (4th Level)

The income opportunity is awesome! Earning income while you sleep!


Here is an example of a team you built:

You invited Michelle, Michelle invited Victor, and Victor invited David. David brings in the referral order of $100 in sales:

 Partner David

$25.00 - Brings referral order, commission 25.00% of $100.00 (program commission)

Partner Victor

$12.50 - Level 1 commission 12.5% of $100.00

Partner Michelle

$6.00 - Level 2 commission 6% of $100.00

This is You

$3.00 - Level 3 commission 3% of $100.00


In this example, you earned 3% commission from someone you had no direct contact with. Earning income while you sleep!


We hope this new program affords you the opportunity to earn that extra long term income, while continuing to promote products you love.

Sign up here: https://www.thebrandlovely.com/pages/register-affiliate-account


Thank you for the continued support.


Have a Lovely Day

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